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Ground spring product overview

1.Ground spring product overview

The ground spring is a hydraulic door closing device, except that the device that presses the spring is worm gear rather than rack and pinion.

Because the ground spring used for the two-way door should bear the weight of the door body, compared with the door closed, the weight of the door body plays a decisive role in the selection of the ground spring. In practical applications, the weight of the door is generally not excessive, so the choice of door width and wind pressure on the type of ground spring is the first choice. In addition, pay attention to the aspect ratio, that is, the ratio of height and width. If it is too disproportionate, the door can not be used normally. From the production point of view, the worm gear structure of the ground spring makes the compression degree of the spring is smaller than that of the rack-and-pinion drive door closing device, and the moment arm of the ground spring closing door is also short, so the quality of the ground spring depends more on the structure design and machining precision. In addition, because the two-way door fan along the door plane has a great force on the ground spring, so the service life of the low spring and the high-grade spring gap will be very large.

2.Structural composition

The basic configuration of the ground spring is the celestial axis and the earth axis (or foundation). The axle is a fitting that connects the door frame to the door fan at the top. It consists of a bolted bolted shaft fixed to the door fan and a shaft sleeve fixed to the door fan. The axle can be applied to almost all wooden, steel, aluminum alloy doors and rimless glass doors with glass clamps.