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Hinges are also called hinges (hinges and hinges in the domestic market refer to different types of goods).

It consists of a pair of metal or non-metallic blades connected by pivot pins, usually in two folds.

It is a door, cover or other device that requires two parts of a swing switch to be connected and relatively rotated.
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Details make quality
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What is the difference between hinge and hinge ?
1. The place of use is different. Hinges are generally used for fixing doors and windows, while hinges are used for furniture installation. Hinges allow the sash to turn, but hinges allow the sash or door to rotate or translate. In special cases, the two types of parts are not interchangeable, for example, casement windows can only be installed with hinges.

2. Different methods of use. Since the hinges have no friction, they are used together with a striker to prevent the window from being damaged by the wind. The hinge itself is resistant, so it can be used alone.

3. Different uses. Hinges are basically installed on doors and windows, and hinges can be used to install cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, etc. Because the hinges are installed on the doors and windows, they do not generate friction like hinges, and tend to exert force in the same direction, which can prevent the doors and windows from being damaged.
Hinge how to choose?
1. If you buy inferior hinges, the cabinet door will loosen after a long time, while high-quality hinges are made of cold-rolled hinges. The steel feels thicker, the surface coating is thicker, durable and thick.

2. The feel of a good hinge is naturally different from that of a bad hinge, and a good hinge feels soft. Moreover, the force is relatively stable when the cabinet door is opened, and it recoils when it is closed at 15 degrees, and the force is relatively uniform. Close the door a few times to get a feel for how it feels to use it.

3. High-end hinges are thicker and smoother. Some can also play a mute role in design, but the poor quality only uses broken iron plates, which make a harsh sound when the door is pulled.

4. If you press both sides of the hinge with your hands, if the support springs do not change, you can observe whether some support springs are deformed. If the shape of the hinge is good, not broken, and the quality is relatively good, it means that it is a high-quality hinge, and the lower hinge has a short service life and is easy to fall off.