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Glass locks
Glass locks
Glass door locks are the types of door locks used on glass doors.

The common ones are handle locks, mortise locks, floor locks, etc.

Different manufacturers have different specifications.

With the advancement of science and technology, glass door locks have appeared cross-shaped key advanced door locks, magnetic card key door locks, password door locks, electronic door locks, fingerprint door locks, voice-activated door locks, etc. to prevent counterfeit keys.

It facilitates people's daily life and provides corresponding security for life.
Our professionalism
High quality stainless steel material
High quality stainless steel material
Brushed surface treatment, no fear of scratches, stainless steel material is effective in anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
High quality inner core
High quality inner core
Using high-strength aluminum alloy inner core, which is stronger than ordinary movements on the market and has a longer service life.
Glass door lock selection skills?
1. First of all, choose products from enterprises with high reputation, stable quality and good after-sales service for glass door locks.

2. Check whether the logos and signs of the purchased product packaging are complete (including the product's implementation standards, grades, manufacturer's name, address, and production date), whether the packaging is firm, and whether the content of the manual is consistent with the product.

3. Observe the appearance and quality of the product, including whether the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cladding parts and related accessories are complete, whether the surface color of the electroplated parts and painted parts is bright and uniform, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation and damage.

4. Check whether the function of the product is reliable and flexible. More than two products should be selected for comparison and inspection. All keys must be used to test the switch. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times.

5. Check the teeth of the key. For example, if there are five teeth, each key should have no less than three different teeth. At the same time, the first tooth and the fifth tooth should try not to choose the deepest teeth, which is conducive to the insertion and removal of the key. And not easy to break.