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Toilet partitions
Toilet partitions
What is a bathroom partition?

Sanitary partitions are suitable for public buildings and commercial buildings, and special areas with high requirements for partition surfaces (such as chemical and food industries) are not included.
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Stainless steel toilet partition accessories
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Toilet partition decoration skills
①Wall partition, use half wall and ground level to partition the dry and wet area to protect the privacy of the bathroom to a certain extent, and it looks very harmonious in appearance.

②Lighting design, sufficient lighting is very important to expand the sense of space of the small bathroom. Set up skylights to fully ensure the lighting of the bathroom.

③Background wall design, walls and floors decorated with square tiles are full of three-dimensional texture. Compared with smooth walls and floors, the uneven texture can prevent slipping and beautify the space. Mirror storage cabinets.

④The storage of the mirror can be used as a mirror and provide storage for the bathroom, killing two birds with one stone.
Selection of household toilet partition materials
1. The door of the bathroom should be made of materials that are waterproof and not easily deformed, such as aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, stainless steel, and plastic steel doors.

2. The top surface can use aluminum gusset plate, calcium silicon plate, plastic plate. Plastic steel plates and aluminum gussets are easy to disassemble and repair, but plastic steel plates are prone to aging after a long time and are not as durable as aluminum gussets. The waterproof effect of the silicon-calcium board is also good, and the latex paint is more beautiful than the former two. Now there is an integrated ceiling that integrates the electrical appliances and the top, which is beautiful and functional, but the cost is a little higher.