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How to install the glass door floor spring?
1. Installation steps of glass door ground spring: Draw lines to mark, so that the glass door ground spring rotating shaft and the door clamp rotating shaft coincide.
2. Glass door spring installation steps: according to the glass door spring installation instructions and physical objects, open holes on the ground, the size of the hole should be tight with the ground spring shell, can not be loose.
3. Installation steps of glass door ground spring: Immediately, put the glass door ground spring into the open hole to correct. Lift the door fan with the door clip and insert the shaft of the ground spring into the shaft hole of the door fan.
4. Installation steps of the glass door ground spring: adjust the screws in the three directions of the glass door ground spring to keep the door leaf vertical and the up and down rotating axis coincide.
5. Glass door spring installation steps: adjust the closing speed of the glass door, the glass door spring decorative cover can be covered.
Ground spring use and maintenance, repair?
1. In about one week to 10 days of use, all screws should be checked and tightened again.
2. Use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer. For cold areas, low freezing point hydraulic oil should be used.
3. After it is put into use, it should be checked regularly. The contents of the check are: whether the installation screw is loose and lost, whether the connecting arm is rubbing with the door body or the door frame, whether the door body is deformed and loose, the buffering effect of the door closing, whether the supporting guide piece is leaking oil, etc.
4. The following problems usually occur after the door closer is used for a period of time:
1) The installation screw is loose or lost, resulting in the door closer is not in the correct installation position and the connection arm is damaged.
2) The buffering effect becomes worse when the door closer is closed, resulting in the collision between the door and the door frame and the deformation of the door body.
Maintenance method of ground spring?
1, in the opening and closing of the sound, the main reason is that the ground spring rust damage, so how to maintain the glass door ground spring? General glass door spring has been broken can not be used, you need to change a, according to the size of the glass door to buy a new.If it can still be used, we will see whether the screw of the ground spring of the glass door is loose, as long as it is tightened.
2, the glass door after the use of a long time, more or less will appear some droop, and the general reason for the glass door droop is the installation of the glass door, there is no main glass door and the spring between the ability to bear.And the way to repair the glass door droop is to change the ground spring again, and change a ground spring that bears more than the weight of the glass door.