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Good news about being recognized as a high-tech enterprise

Recently, various departments of Guangdong Province jointly issued the "Notice on Identifying Zhaoqing Gaoyao District Huangcheng Science and Technology Co., LTD. - High-tech Enterprise", published the list of high-tech enterprises, Zhaoqing Gaoyao District Huangcheng Science and Technology Co., LTD is listed among them.


In order to promote the development of Chinese new and high technology industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the Administrative Measures for the Identification of New and High Technology Enterprises in 2008, which put forward higher requirements for the identification of new and high technology enterprises. The requirements include the ownership of independent intellectual property rights, the specified scope of new and high technology fields whose products (services) are supported by the state, the proportion of scientific research personnel, R&D investment, the proportion of revenue from new and high technology products (services), the level of development organization and management, and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. Our company has been identified as a high-tech enterprise, fully shows our company in the field of hardware high-tech constantly enhancing competitiveness, constantly improving economic benefits, will encourage us to continue to develop towards the goal of continuous innovation.


The high certification, by the company's senior leaders to pay close attention to, by Mr. Cheng personally hung, the company's various departments sincere cooperation, teamwork, today finally harvested this golden high-tech enterprise brand. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all levels of leadership and departments of the company for their efforts.

Zhaoqing Gaoyao District Huangcheng Science and Technology Co., LTD. - Taixing Hardware Products Factory

March 31, 2023